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  • We've created a personalized B2B online portal (IPART) that can be tailored to your specifications. It's versatile for use by your employees individually or exclusively by your purchasing manager. This portal is exclusively designed for your company, branded accordingly, and contains carefully selected items to prevent unwanted purchases. All aspects, from order management to payment processing, are securely handled on the site.

  • Still prefer the traditional paper method? No problem! We accommodate companies that prefer the paper trail. Our user-friendly uniform sheets ensure seamless order processing.

  • Not sure about sizing? No worries! Once your account is set up, Employees can visit one of our locations and our representative's can have them fitted to the correct size or we can send a sizing set to your location at no cost, eliminating guesswork and ensuring your employees have the right gear.

  • Extensive inventory alert! You won't have to wait weeks for uniforms or boots. We have over $2 million worth of inventory ready to ship from our warehouse. Free local delivery within the Edmonton Area

  • We don't just offer uniforms and boots; we also stock a wide selection of safety supplies like hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection to ensure your crew is fully covered.

  • Customization: Add your company logo or customize garments in-house to suit your brand's needs. Services include embroidery, silk screening, hemming, alterations, striping, repairs, and more.

  • Comprehensive Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience

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